Tuesday, May 7, 2013

NBC Sports: FBS 1993- Pittsburgh Panthers @ Notre Dame Fighting Irish: Full Game

Source:NBC Sports- WR Lake Dawson would go on to play for the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL.

Source:The Daily Press

“Notre Dame handed Pittsburgh a stinging defeat as the Irish marched to a 44-0 victory.

The full game is available for a limited time only exclusively on The Fighting Irish Youtube channel. For more games check out the full “The Vault: ND on NBC” playlist.”

Talk about your total mismatches: the Pittsburgh Panthers have a great football tradition, at least until went downhill in the early 1990s and were no longer a winning program, let alone a consistent bowl team or national championship contender. Perhaps the main reason why head coach Johnny Majors left the Tennessee Volunteers, where he built a consistent Southeast Conference contender there in the 1980s, was to rebuild the Pittsburgh Panthers football program.

And then you look at the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, where they were a bowl team every year under head coach Lou Holtz, except his first season in 1986, won the national championship in 1988, contended for the national championship in 1989 and were looking to win another championship in 1993, and are playing the Pittsburgh Panthers who entered this game at 1-3. It’s hard to see how the Panthers can even compete with the undefeated Irish, especially at Notre Dame.

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