Wednesday, January 7, 2015

NBC Sports: MLB 1981- 9/26/81- Houston Astros @ Los Angeles Dodgers: Full Game

Source:NBC Sports- Houston Astros 2B Phil Garner at the plate.

Source:The New Democrat

“1981 MLB. Los Angeles Dodgers vs Houston Astros
Saturday, September 26, 1981, Astrodome”

The Astros-Dodgers rivalry was pretty good in the 1980s when both clubs were in the NL West and were consistently in the NL West race.

The Astros won the division from the Dodgers in 1980 and the Dodgers took the division from the Astros in 1981, 85 and 88. Both teams were consistent winners in the 1980s, because they both played at big, pitcher friendly ballparks and both had very good defense and pitching. And at least in the Dodgers case we’re also very good offensively, with speed, power and guys who could hit for average.

The Astros of this period were sort of a light-hitting team that would score enough to win, because they didn’t need a lot of runs to win when they pitched well.

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