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Civil Nuts: Rick Mercer Report- Canada Explained

Source:Civil Nuts- Canada from a Canadian: what does he know? At least about Canada.
Source:The New Democrat

Take hockey out of Canada, which is what Gary Bettman and the NHL have tried to do for about twenty-years now and would Canadians have any interest in sports? Would there be any point of having indoor sports arenas in Canada at all? I mean they would be down to the CFL and what skiing and perhaps ice skating for their sports entertainment. Canada a small, but charming country right, but with a tone of land that people don’t seem to know what to do with up there on the frozen tundra, where you can hike to the North Pole, from Toronto.

If you look at the Canadian Parliament and the American Congress, they aren’t that much different. Canada has a House and Senate, so does America, we both have bicameral national legislatures, for any of you not keeping score at home. The Senate is the upper chamber in Congress. We don’t just tell people that, but that is the actual truth. But in Canada even though their Senate is their upper chamber in Parliament, they lie to their people, because really most of the power in Parliament resides in the House of Commons. The Canadian Senate is basically a debating society of people either appointed by the Prime Minister, or related to rich Canadian men.

Rick Mercer talking about dumb Canadians. Hey welcome to America! We have more dumb people, than Canada has snow and have a surplus of dumb people like the Middle East has a surplus of sand and dirt. So Canada if you’re looking for anymore dumb people, feel free to come to America, or just call us and we’ll give away boat loads of idiots for free. We have idiot conventions we are looking to unload. And since Canada is only a country thirty-six-million people and a continent of land, have plenty of room for a lot more people. And have the room for our idiots.

As far as the no-confidence vote. Again liberal democracy with a federalist system with checks and balances in America’s case. Versus a social democracy with a parliamentary form of government where the chief executive is also a member of the House of Commons. Seems to me at least that one of the requirements of being Prime Minster of Canada is that you also have to be a workaholic, perhaps also a caffeine junky. Because you have to be able to hold two jobs at the same time and perhaps both jobs like in Steve Harper’s case is thousands of miles away. Representing Calgary, Alberta in the House and being Prime Minister in Ottawa.

That wouldn’t work in America and besides over our previous history the last ten-years or so, even though it has been about as rare as the New York Jets playing in the Super Bowl that our President has been popular, the President in this same time period has always been roughly twice as popular as Congress and sometimes even more than that. So before Congress tries to throw the Chief Executive out who was probably elected with fifty-million votes and perhaps reelected with even more than that, they should look at their own jobs and perhaps fire themselves first. Put their lobbyist money where their mouths are.

Canada a country of thirty-six million people and yet it is still interesting to talk about and pay attention to. Perhaps because they sound so much like Americans and have similar interests and lifestyles. Hell, even though they enjoy making fun of America so much to the point it is becoming their second national sport, right behind hockey. And yet they watch all of our news, all our entertainment, all of our sports, perhaps because they have so little of their own in all three areas and get bored. That this tells Americans that there are people just to the North that cares about us.
Source:Civil Nuts

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