Monday, May 14, 2012

CSPAN: In Depth With R. Emmett Tyrell (2011)

Source:CSPAN- interviewing right-wing author Emmett Tyrell.
"R. Emmett Tyrrell is author of nine books:

Public Nuisances (1979); The Liberal Crack-Up (1984); The Conservative Crack-Up (1992); Boy Clinton: The Political Biography (1996); The Impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton: A Political Docu-Drama (1997); Madame Hillary: The Dark Road to the White House (2004); The Clinton Crack-Up (2008); The Best of the American Spectator's The Continuing Crisis: As Chronicled for Four Decades by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. (2009); After the Hangover: The Conservatives' Road to Recovery (2010).

He is also editor of The Future that Doesn't Work: Social Democracy's Failure in Britain (1977); The Report on Network News' Treatment of the 1972 Democratic Presidential Candidates (1973); and Orthodoxy: The American Spectator's 20th Anniversary Anthology (1987)." 


Emmett Tyrell is correct in one aspect about liberalism. That so-called Progressives have co-opted liberalism to make it look like what call progressivism which is really a form of socialism. Which is same thing thats common in Canada and Europe which is a political ideology thats centered around central government. That we give a lot of power to the national government to take care of the people through high taxes.

So-called Progressives tend to be somewhat liberal on social issues. At least for women and gays and to some extent what people should be allowed to see in entertainment. People who would call themselves Socialist Liberals. Some so-called Progressives describe their politics as Progressive Libertarian or Socialist Libertarian. Progressive or socialist on economic policy and even foreign policy, but liberal on social issues. But these people aren't Liberals but Democratic Socialists, with some liberal views on some key social issues. There are also so-called Progressives that are statist on come social issues as well. Like gun rights, hate Speech and even pornography to a certain extent. And believe in things like progressive class's. That government should give special attention to certain populations in our society. But these aren't liberal values, these are collectivist values.

It's not just so-called Progressives that have co-opted liberalism, that has given liberalism an inaccurate description and definition of what it really is. Which is about individual liberty, limited government and equal of opportunity, equal rights and other things. But hyper partisan right wingers so-called Conservatives, who've spent forty years attacking liberalism. And trying to make it look like socialism and to a certain extent they've had a lot of success with that. The Tea Party is a perfect example of this and how they've falsely described liberalism as well. The way they've falsely attacked President Obama and other Democrats, but this is now changing.

As I've argued before, this idea of the "Death of Liberalism" the claim that Emmett Tyrell has made. First of all I'm a Liberal Democrat and proud of it, the link of this blog is The name of this blog is FRS FreeState. The New Republic is still in business. A Liberal Democrat is the Deputy Leader of the U.S Senate, (Dick Durbin) the President of the United States is a Moderate Liberal. The Vice President of the United States is a Liberal Democrat.

The Democratic Party is now made up of Liberals who tend to run the party, Progressives who compete against us and our Far-Left that is made up of Green Democrats, people who are more comfortable in the Green Party ideologically, but are Democrats to be part of a major party. As well Centrist Democrats and a few Bible Belt Democrats who are Democrats in name only. It's not liberalism thats dead or dying, it's so-called Progressives that have co-opted liberalism to a certain extent. And right wingers that have been successful in making liberalism, look like socialism. It's conservatism thats in trouble in this country, as the Republican Party has become a religious and neoconservative party.

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