Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Cuba before Fidel Castro": What Cuba could be Post Communism

Post World War II, you could make a case that Europe was a collection of Third World nations. Because of the damage that was done to Britain, France, Germany and Italy. Because of the damage from World War II and a lot of that can be credited to Nazi Germany. Well Cuba not because of World War II but because of several Authoritarian Dictators. And perhaps the Spanish Kingdom as well, was a Third World nation post World War II as well. Because of help from the United States, Europe is basically nothing but Developed Nations right now. With few exceptions because of the Marshal Plan, which was a lot of Foreign Aid to Europe. So they can rebuild their countries, we saved them from Nazi Germany. And then we helped Europe rebuild itself, including West Germany. Had Cuba not had the Bastsita Regime, followed by the Castro Regime. And moved into a more Democratic direction or at least had an Economic System. That empowered its people to be able to take care of themselves and promoted Economic Growth. Instead of relying on the State to provide everything. Maybe they are a Developed Nation today as well.

Cuba is not a Third World nation because of their people or the lack the resources. To be a Developed Nation, similar to the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Communist Republic of Cuba is a Third World Nation. Because of their government, thats screwed up their economy so much. With their Central Planning and putting so much of their power into the State. That the people lack the power and resources, despite the good education. They get from the State, to be able to run business's, be productive and create new products. That can be marketed and sold at affordable prices. That so much of the country today, unless they work for the State. Or has friends that work for the State. They probably live in poverty today. Thats not the fault of the Cuban People except they haven't overthrown the Castro Regime yet. But the fault of the Castro Regime.

Cuba has already moved to privatize their economy and in the process of doing this. And are developing their own version of State Capitalism. That you see in China and Vietnam, so going forward we'll see what the Cuban People can do for themselves. And what the future of Cuba will look like.

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