Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Apollo Victoria: 'A Day Behind Bars'

Source:Apollo Victoria- welcome to San Quentin State Prison. No one will ever be offended if you never want to come back.

"At-risk youth take a day trip to visit prisoners of San Quentin as one of many activities coordinated by Rudy Corpuz of United Playaz, a non-profit youth organization based in San Francisco. The organizers, youth and prisoners give their viewpoints on the program and on prison issues." 

If we as a country would just address so-called you at risk while they are acting out in high school and so- forth, perhaps considering dropping out of high school, skipping class, hanging out with the wrong crowds, etc, as well as addressing the so-called wrong crowds, then we can prevent them from going to prison in the first place. 

We could get to the youth at risk, before they make even bigger mistakes in the future: jacking cars, selling drugs, armed robberies, raping girls, whatever the case may be. Get to them, turn them around before, make sure they stay in school, finish school and get a good education, so they are on course to have an opportunity to have a productive life legally and stay out of the criminal justice System the rest of their lives. 

If we could get to the youth at risk before gang recruiters got to them, they would understand that they don't need to steal, beat people up, get in fights, etc, and realize that if they just got educated, work hard and be productive in life, that they can avoid becoming criminals as adults. 

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