Monday, March 14, 2016

Slate Magazine: Chris Kirk: 'Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice Cabinet Generator'

Source: Slate Magazine- Potential President Trump cabinet appointments. LOL!
Source:The Daily Review

"Let’s face it: It’s more likely than not that Donald Trump will win the Republican presidential nomination. If that happens, the former host of The Apprentice will come shockingly close to the Oval Office; the latest general election match-up poll shows Hillary Clinton beating Trump by only three points. “I’ll hire the best people,” Trump assures us, but what would his White House really look like? As we await the genuinely scary answer, we’ve created a tool for you to build a presidential cabinet out of The Celebrity Apprentice contestants, for fun. Would Dennis Rodman be able to normalize relations with North Korea as secretary of state? Might Terrell Owens’ NFL experience help him as secretary of defense? Would Omarosa be a better attorney general or secretary of commerce? Below, click and drag celebrities to build your Trump cabinet. Once you’ve filled each office, share your picks with your friends. Then, check out the average cabinet made by Slate readers."

From Slate Magazine

"Film Theory: How Trump is Winning with Reality TV."

From The Film Theorists

Source:The Film Theorists- God help us, if this actually happens.
This is exactly why I don’t see Donald Trump’s presidential campaign as nothing more than his latest reality show. That will become a movie titled something to the affect “Who Wants Donald Trump For President?" Available at your local independent movie theater (if it doesn’t go straight to Netflix or DVD) by the spring or summer of 2017. Donald Trump’s campaign theme should be called, “When Reality TV meets the Real World.” And perhaps that could also be his alternative movie tittle for his next reality show or movie.

If you just look at his supposed campaign spokespeople on cable news/cable talk, these are not professional politicos or politicians. Other than Jeff Lord at CNN. They’re business people and Hollywood and New York celebs who’ve worked for the Trump Organization. Which is his business.

The Republican Party is so screwed up right now that their inmates are running their prison. Or their kids are running their household with their prison staff or parents powerless to take back the prison or house. Until their inmates or kids meet their demands. The Far-Right of the GOP, is tired of their leadership trying to govern with the Democrats and trying to reach out to new voters who don’t look and think like them.

Whatever you think of The Donald he’s a very successful businessman. And just because he’s stupid about government, policy and anything that involves the President of the United States and is less qualified to be President than Sarah Palin and a current president of a college student body, he knows a great business venture when he sees one.

Thanks to The Donald and the Republican Party, we now have a national network reality show that is shown by all of our news networks and broadcast networks, instead of just NBC. And celebrity culture and celebrity news have taken over our politics and current affairs. If you think Congress sucks and is an embarrassment, you haven’t followed the Trump Campaign very closely. Maybe you’ve been vacationing in Mongolia or did something so horrible that you were given a long-term sentence there and you’ve just been released.

But Congress, other than Senator Jeff Sessions who just endorsed The Donald, looks very responsible and competent compared with the Trump Campaign. That is run by New York and Hollywood insiders who think American politics is so boring that they have to make it look like reality TV in order to get people to vote. And what America gets in return is an international embarrassment compared with the rest of the developed world.

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