Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rep. Paul Ryan: Budget Villain or Visionary?: The Philosophy of Paul Ryan

I don't like or respect the Ryan Plan, because it puts the bulk load of Deficit Reduction on people who don't have the ability to take care of themselves. If his plan was about empowering people who lack the skills to take care of themselves and putting these people to work. Or empowering workers who are also on Public Assistance to pay their bills and save money that way. To help pay down the debt and deficit, that I could respect, like and agree with. But Representative Paul Ryan's idea of Deficit Reduction, is take it out of people who can't fend for themselves. Does nothing about Entitlement Reform that would actually save those programs, does nothing about the Defense Budget or the Tax Code. And he still doesn't balance the Federal Budget, his own plan project trillion dollar deficits ten years from now, which is kinda odd to me that so called. Fiscal Conservatives would be so in love with this plan and I can see why members of the Tea Party aren't in love with it, at least not as much and why Libertarians don't like the plan either. Liberals such as myself don't like it because its not a serious plan and its not balance. Progressives don't like it because they really don't like anything that relates to Entitlement Reform, unless it has to do with expansion.

One thing I do respect about Representative Paul Ryan is that he expects all physically and mentally able bodied people. To work and be able to take care of themselves and that we shouldn't have an open ended commitment for people to live on Public Assistance, who are physically and mentally. Able to work full time and be able to fend for themselves, what separates me from him, is that I believe as a country we should be empowering people who don't have the skills yet. To take care of themselves, give them the resources to go back to school, get them into Job Training and even help them with Job Placement so they can have a good job. Then they are no longer on Public Assistance but paying their own bill and even paying into the programs they once collected from. Thats one thing that separates me as a Liberal from Progressives and the Tea Party.

So if you combine Paul Ryan's approach of all physically and mentally able people should be expected to work for a living. And not be able to live off of Public Assistance indefinitely, with Bill Clinton's approach that Public Assistance should no longer be free. And we should empower people on Public Assistance to get themselves the skills that they need to be able to take care of themselves. Then we would have a real philosophy in how to deal with poverty in America, we already have this on the left, just not from the right.

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