Monday, May 7, 2012

Partisan Student Loan Fight Moves to Senate: How to have Universal Higher Education

The three topics I'm most interested in and I blog across the board. When it comes to Current Affairs, are education, Crime and Punishment and poverty. Why because they all interrelate and they are three most challenging issues we face as a country. As well as the most important, outside of National Security. If you get a good education in life, go to a good High School. Graduate, go onto a good college and graduate there. Most likely then not, you'll end up avoiding poverty and going to prison. Why because you'll have the skills to make it in life on you're own. Not have to break the law to support yourself, not have to work dead end jobs to support yourself. Not have to work multiple dead on jobs at the same time to support yourself. And not need Public Assistance to support yourself either, why because you have the skills. To take care of yourself, to have a good full time job that covers your bills. Allows you to put money away, raise your family, put your kids through school. And even to enjoy life.

Not enough students are getting a good education in America for various reasons. Which is why around 1-5 Americans live in Poverty and why we have 2M people in prison. The War on Drugs is part of that as well but it gets to a lack of a quality education in America. We use to have one of the best Education Systems in the World, today we are 39th in the World. Not enough Americans have access to Higher Education in America. Even students that are qualified for college and other forms of Higher Learning. But they can't afford it or they are not an athlete or an exceptional student. But yet they are a good enough student to go to college and do well there. This is the number one problem facing our economy, after Economic and Job Growth. Which only means something, if we have the qualified workers to take those jobs. Once they are created, Economic and Job Growth means nothing, with out an educated workforce.

I was watching Author/Journalist Tom Brokaw from NBC News and other outlets. Hopefully you are familiar with him, was on Book TV on C-Span yesterday. And he was arguing that we need to get back to big ideas in America. And stop playing smallball, I agree with him. His big idea was creating more Service Academies, expand the Military Academy System. Which has worked so well in America but include Academies for other fields. For example a Medical and Science Academy to train our doctors and scientists. That was his idea, I like that and I would add an Academy for Law Enforcement, to train our Law Enforcement officers. A Law Academy to train our lawyers, an Education Academy to train our educators. And we could have others, an Engineering Academy would be another and this would work by. People going to the schools would get an education, at lets say 50-75% of what they would pay for State College. But intern would have to work in one of these services for lets say 3-5 years after that. Or they could make it a career.

Creating a Public Service Academy System would be one way to get more students into Higher Education in America. We've had plenty of success with this with the Army and Navy. But we also need to pay for this as well, so not only more qualified students are going to college. And graduating with a good degree that they can use. But are not drowning in debt once they graduate and to do this. We need a Higher Education Payment System. That I'll go into further later on, that would be available to everyone including the poor. Where parents would pay into a plan, that it would be matched, that would go towards their kids Higher Education.

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