Monday, November 26, 2012

US Senate Democrats: Leader Harry Reid: Filibuster Reform Will Be Pursued In The Next Congress

Today Senate Democrats are talking about reforming the cloture rule, which is the filibuster that allows. Senators to talk indefinitely about bills and it takes sixty votes to cut them off, which is what the minority party. In this Congress Senate Republicans uses to block bills they don't like from the majority party, in this Congress being Senate Democrats. Senate Democrats led by Leader Harry Reid want to reform how the filibuster is used, not eliminate it but prevent the minority. From shutting down the Senate and preventing them from doing anything, knowing that when Senate Democrats. Are back in the minority, Senate Republicans will have the same power to use as well. What Senate Democrats want to do is basically eliminate the motion to proceed rule, which is probably. The biggest problem the Senate has as far as it rules, only in the US Senate does it take sixty votes. To bring up a bill and start debating the bill, offering and debating amendments on it, you eliminate that rule. And just allow the Leader to bring up a bill using his power as the Senate Leader, then you would see the Senate at least debating and legislating again.

Senate Democrats don't want to eliminate the filibuster, thats not what this debate is about because. They know that they could end up in the minority again with a Republican President, what they want to is. Allow the Senate and stop the minority from stopping them from even bringing bills up to the floor in the first place. Senate Republicans would still be able to block legislation at the end of the debate, just not prevent the Senate from even legislating anything. Again this is not about stopping the minority from weighing in or blocking legislation they don't like. But allowing the Senate to actually begin and start debating and legislating again.

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