Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Real News: Paul Jay Interviewing- Joshua Landis: 'Syria's President Offers Future Reforms, Blames Conspiracy For Protests'

Source:The Real News Network- Civil war in Syria.

"Joshua Landis: Most Syrians want deep political and economic reform but fear ethnic civil war." 

The last thing that America needs to do is to get involved in another foreign war. Especially since we are already involved in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Libya as well. And with the President's current position on the War Powers Act, I'm not willing to endorse the idea that we get involved in Syria either. 

But this doesn't mean the West including America and Arabia should be silent on what the Assad Regime is doing about the democratic protests in Syria either. There are other things that we can do to push Syria to stop the crackdowns on the democratic protests there that wouldn't have to involve committing American or NATO troops there.

Like with economic sanctions there, but do it with a coalition, that includes America, Canada, the European Union and the Arab League. As well as sending in a military force that could include, Turkey, perhaps Israel, the Arab League and maybe even the European Union. Not to take down the Assad Regime and wipe out its military, but to provide protection and cover for the democratic protesters there, to prevent violence and to defend the protesters there. 

And the American military could assist in a way not with troops or planes or ships, but with resources and equipment to whatever international coalition that would develop to protect the Syrian people from unfortunately their own government.

As well as we could essentially bribe members of the Assad Regime and it's military to defect from that Regime, including President Assad himself. And get an agreement with the Syrian opposition to not prosecute, or punish whoever were to defect from the Assad Regime once they were to take power. 

We could help push the Assad Regime out-of-power and to make room for a new democratic government, or a transitional government to start off there. Similar to what's going on in Egypt until they elect a new government with peaceful means.

The last thing that America needs to do is get involved in another war, as far as committing more troops, bases, tanks, planes, ships, etc. Especially since we are currently paying for two wars that we can't afford by borrowing all the money. But what we can do is assist others in doing this to promote a peaceful resolution in Syria and bring the Assad Regime down. 

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