Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The New Republic: Politics: Nate Cohn: A GOP Civil War? Not Yet, But Wait Until 2016: The Center-Right/Far-Right Divide in The GOP

A GOP Civil War? Not Yet, But Wait Until 2016 | The New Republic

As I blogged shortly after the elections in November, its not Conservatism thats the problem in the GOP but. People who call themselves Conservatives who really aren't that give Conservatives and other Republicans a bad name. For the Republican Party to remain a major player in American politics in the future, people who are called. Northeast Republicans as well as Libertarians are the future of the party, the Republicans who actually believe. In limited government and individual freedom, economic freedom to go along with government staying out of the affairs. Of how Americans live their own lives, the people that the Tea Party like to call rhinos or Liberals, thats the future. Of the Republican Party a mixture of the Ron Paul coalition and Olympia Snowe/Judd Gregg Republicans. People who don't just call themselves fiscal Conservatives but who are actual fiscal Conservatives who believe. In fiscal Conservatism across the board and don't leave defense and corporate welfare off the table. And these are the Republicans that can get elected in Democratic states at the national level at least in Congress both. House and Senate not far right Tea Party candidates.

Chuck Hagel who was a Republican Senator from Nebraska from 1997-2009 whose now President Obama's. Nominee to be the next Secretary of Defense is part of this Un named coalition and who is someone who also. Believes that America has to have a strong defense but that we can't balance our budget and get the debt and deficit. Under control without defense being on the table because he also believes that America is overcommitted around the World. And we are simply trying to do much with our military and one of the reasons why he'll be the next Secretary of Defense. Is because he believes that we need cut back there and demand that countries can afford to defend themselves do that. He's also someone while in Congress voted against No Child Left Behind and Medicare Advantage. Again because he's a real fiscal Conservative and someone who questioned President Bush on. Indefinite detention and enhanced interrogation techniques again because he's a real Conservative and not. Someone who belie
ves that Conservatism is about following the party line whatever it is.

Chuck Hagel and people like Senators Ron Johnson, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Representative Justin Amash. And others are the real Conservative Republicans and represent the future of the party if they are going to remain a major political party. And not become some far right third party and right now the GOP has a civil war growing between Republicans like this. The real Conservatives and Neoconservatives who have more of a Big Government philosophy when it. Comes to social issues who are still inline with the religious right and we'll see in the next few years which Republican coalition wins out.

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