Saturday, August 10, 2013

PHID: ‘Mi Latina Prefeirda En Tight Jeans'

Source:Phid- Sexy Baby, in Lee denim jeans in boots.
Source:The Daily Press

“Mi latina preferida en tight jeans – superguapa. Chica latina en tight jeans. Quiero mucho esta video, quisiera conocerla.”

From PHID 

Mui sexy y benita bebe chica! Love this woman, actually I never met her and only have seen her on YouTube. I know shocking, you’re probably grasping for air right now. If you are morbidly obese, perhaps you need the Heimlich maneuver to stop your choking, if someone’s arms are long enough to get around your body and perform it on you and one of your steaks flies out of your mouth. I’ll confess: I’ve only seen this woman on YouTube, but over and over again. It would feel like stalking if I wasn’t just watching her on YouTube.

I use to watch a lot of TV Espanol or Spanish TV, ( for all of you English speakers out there reading this, that’s right both of you ) and a lot of times some older movie, lets say 10-15 years old would come on and it would be an action film. A sexy female police detective or perhaps a sexy female private detective or perhaps bounty hunter. Maybe a girlfriend of the guy who is supposed to be the hero of the movie and she would be dressed very similar like this. Great body, very cute and beautiful wearing tight denim jeans and sexy boots. The woman in this video reminds of those movies.

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