Friday, June 15, 2012

AP Sources: "Immunity Offered to Some Immigrants": President Obama Unilaterally Puts in The Dream Act

President Obama announced today that his Administration will stop deporting Undocumented Immigrants who were brought to this country. By their parents who had no choice but to come to America and have grown up and in some cases only know America and don't have any memories of the country that they were born in. Who meet certain standards, they don't have a Criminal Record, they are in school or are working or are serving in the United States Military. So his Administration can concentrate its resources on, well criminals, Illegal Immigrants and others who are actual criminals, gangsters, narcotics dealers and others. People who represent a threat to this country whether they are immigrants or not and if these criminals are immigrants, they will be deported. I'll get to the politics of this later but President Obama said three years ago that he wants a Comprehensive Immigration Reform Law, he got close to passing the Dream Act out of Congress in late 2010. But was blocked by Senate Republicans, when Democrats still controlled both the House and Senate, so this is not a new position for the President.

Now to the politics, again President Obama is already on the record as saying that he's in favor of the Dream Act, which is what this order essentially is. But he doesn't expect to get a bill from Congress, especially with a Republican House, to say President Obama has been "soft on immigration', would be bogus, because he's already deported more Illegal Immigrants at this point of his Presidency. Then President George W. Bush or has deported more then President Bush in his entire Presidency, which is one reason why Latinos aren't crazy about President Obama. Even though they approve him over Mitt Romney by 61-27% according to CNN but that doesn't mean they'll show up to vote and the President knows he has to have Latino voters voting for him overwhelmingly and showing up to vote. He needs a big turnout of Latinos and for them to vote for him overwhelmingly, similar to the turnout in 2008.

So of course politics has something to do with President Obama's decision today but to his credit, he's had this position before and is already on record. As supporting the Dream Act and this should help him with Latinos, especially as Mitt Romney tries to campaign for them on Economic Policy. Free Enterprise etc, a message that plays well with Latinos, where a lot of them now run Small Business's.

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