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Minister Malcolm X: Project History

Source:Teaching History- Nation of Islam Minister Malcolm X, perhaps meeting with a fellow minister.

Source:The Daily Press

“This site is dedicated to the study of the life and legacy of Malcolm X. Only one of three “initiatives” is publicly available (Columbia faculty, staff, and students may also access the site’s “multi-media study environment” section). “Oral histories,” “outreach,” and “Malcolm X biography project” are under construction. A chronology traces Malcolm’s life from his birth in May 1925 to his assassination in February 1965, with short entries on major events. “Government Documents” offers FBI files on Malcolm X—4,000 pages of surveillance reports—covering the period 1954 to 1964. A brief summary accompanies each report and the files can be searched by keyword. The site’s project journal, focusing on particular themes and issues, has seven articles on Malcolm X and eight weblog postings. Additionally, the site offers an e-seminar “Life after Death: Malcolm X and American Culture” by Columbia professor Dr. Manning Marble for a fee (available free to Columbia faculty, staff, and students). When this site is completed, it will be a good starting point for researching the ideas and life of Malcolm X.” 

“Malcolm X Video Project (history)”

Source: Bria Parks- I can't say that I disagree with this photo. I mean I could, but then I would be lying and I don't think you want that.

I don’t believe Malcolm X was a racist at least at the point when he died. And I don’t believe he was a segregationist, meaning that people of different races should never interact with each other. But he was a separatist. Someone who did believe that integration wasn’t the magic bullet to the problems of African-Americans. He believed that this community should be empowered and even empowered themselves to be able to handle their own problems and issues and stand up for their rights. And not be put down by racist Caucasians, or anyone else.

And the African-Americans should stand up for their constitutional rights and not expect that others will give them to them or give them anything else. As well as treating people as people and not members of groups. But that he believed in empowering African-Americans to be able to handle their own affairs. Because this was his community, and not expecting others to empower them, or be dependent on government and others who are already independent to take care of them for them. Malcolm X’s message was truly about African-American freedom. Not some violent revolution.

Unlike Fidel Castro, who was a Marxist and someone who believed the central state should be in complete control and that the state should be responsible for everyone’s well-being, Malcolm X was a true freedom fighter. Someone who wanted to empower an entire community of Americans to take charge and complete responsibility over their own lives. Today’s Conservatives and Libertarians, should actually at least respect Minister Malcolm and not put him down as some racist thug. Because he was someone who truly believed in individual freedom and not government dependence for his community.

ABC News: This Week: 'Patty Murray, Saxby Chambliss 'This Week' Interview: David Petraeus Scandal, Barack Obama's Budget Battle'

Source:ABC News- left to right: U.S. Senator Patty Murray (Democrat, Washington State) & U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss (Republican, Georgia) 

"Two key senators on David Petraeus' resignation and the upcoming "fiscal cliff" negotiations." 

From ABC News

Here's a solution for the fiscal cliff and the economy: savings in defense, entitlements, tax reform. But done in a way that doesn't hurt anyone who can't afford it. Which means putting in something like a millionaires tax where anyone making a million dollars or more, would pay the same tax rate that they are paying today, but every dollar over a million dollars, their taxes would go up and those savings would go towards deficit reduction. should be part of this. 

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