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Leathered Life: Leather Fashion Show With Sarah

Source: Leathered Life- Leathered Life model Sarah, in leather jeans and jacket 
Source:The Daily Press

Sarah from Leathered Life, in skin-tight Miss Sixty leather jeans. With a leather jacket and black leather boots. My favorite look from these models at Leathered Life. Skinny leather jeans, the exact same look as skinny denim jeans. A thinly cut pant, that's made from leather instead of denim. That look great on women with legs. Who aren't obese or rail-thin, but have real legs and real muscle on them. And not just skin, bone and fat. Who also have a real butt that is not flat or flabby.

Leather jeans, aren't for everybody and skinny leathers even more so. Because of what I just said, because they're skin-tight and hug a woman's, or man's legs and will keep you real warm in the winter, especially if you're wearing boots with them. But a woman with a good body, will look even better in them. A woman who is obese or rail-thin, will look even fatter or thinner in them. Because there's no forgiveness in them.

Sarah, more of a petite models compared with the other models at Leathered Life, in height and build, has the legs and butt, to look good in skinny leather jeans.
Leathered Life: Leather Fashion Show With Sarah

Foreign Affairs: National Security: From 2004 US Senator Chuck Hagel: A Republican Foreign Policy

A Republican Foreign Policy: President Barack Obama just nominated Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense. In this 2004 essay, Hagel lays out his views on U.S. foreign policy. He explains that "a wise foreign policy recognizes that U.S. leadership is determined as much by our commitment to principle as by our exercise of power."

One of the things I like about Chuck Hagel who'll be the next Secretary of Defense for President Obama, is. His consistency and knowledge, not that he doesn't change his thinking when facts change but that he knows what he knows. And bases his thinking and opinions based on what he knows and doesn't throw out ideas from everywhere. To see what sounds good and intelligent but he knows what he knows about foreign policy, knows a lot about foreign policy and makes his judgements accordingly. If you read his piece in Foreign Affairs magazine from back in the summer of 2004 when America had just. Been in Iraq for over a year by that point and read what he had to say about foreign policy and how America. Should be involved in the War on Terror and involved in the World, it sounds very similar to what he believes now. That of course the United States has to have a strong defense that is not only capable to defend this great huge country. But that we have to be strong enough to address issues that are in our interest around the World but that our military. Can't be the only component of our foreign policy and it can't do everything.

Chuck Hagel would've of not of been a very good Secretary of Defense, State, Director of National Security, Intelligence. Or a member of President Bush's national security team perhaps it any capacity, not because he's not qualified for those positions. Because he certainly is but his foreign policy wouldn't of been President Bush's Neoconservative foreign policy. Of nation building, eliminating authoritarian regimes by force and forcing Liberal Democratic values on these countries. Who have no idea what Liberal Democracy is for the most part, Chuck Hagel would've been at constant odds. With President Bush, Vice President Cheney and the rest of the Bush national security team, similar to how. Collin Powell was as Secretary of State, because Chuck Hagel is not a Neoconservative but a real. Conservative who believes that American foreign policy and national security has to be about protecting America. First and that it has to be limited, that there's a limit to what we can do with our military and that fiscal Conservatism also applies to national defense as well.

I don't believe that Chuck Hagel is inline with the entire Barack Obama foreign policy, Senator Hagel a Conservative Republican. Probably more hawkish then President Obama whose also more hawkish then dovish but a Liberal Democrat. But they are both internationalists and both believe that America is overcommitted around the World with our military. And overcommitted at home with our current entitlement system and broader Federal Government. And that these things need to be scaled back which is why Senator Hagel will serve President Obama very well as Secretary of Defense.

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