Monday, February 27, 2012

JFK: Church and State; What Rick Santorum doesn't understand

Once again my Political Hero then Sen. Jack Kennedy running for President of the United States in 1960 nailed it. On Church and State, just how he nailed it on Civil Rights and the threat of Communism. Separation of Church and State is exactly that, one won't interfere with the other. That Freedom of Religion as its laid out in the First Amendment is exactly that. The Freedom to Practice or not Practice Religion, which is our Constitutional Right. That we get for living in a Liberal Democracy and not some Authoritarian State. Whether its secular or theocratic, where religion might be illegal. Like for some people in China or where religion may be mandatory and your only allowed to practice one type of religion. Like in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Americans are able to make these decisions on our own. And government is not allowed to endorse or sponsor one religion over another. And the only book that our Federal Government needs in America to guide them. Is the US Constitution and nothing else, as long as the Feds are within the US Constitution. Then what they do is Constitutional and shouldn't be governing based on religion. But their own politics and how they feel about issues and all the best evidence at hand. Freedom to Practice or Practice Religion in America, is not just for Christians either. But for all Religions in America, its not the Freedom of Christian Religion but the Freedom of Religion. Meaning Jews, Muslims, etc have the same Freedom of Religion in America. As Christians and not to be discriminated against based on their Religion.

Rick Santorum running for President of the United States for the Republican Party. And being the accomplished lawyer that he is, apparently doesn't understand that. Meaning that we have one more lawyer not very familiar with the US Constitution. Or he's playing to Christian Zellets in America, that would like to see a Christian Theocracy. And he's playing to this base to get their votes, making him another pandering politician. Don't we have enough of those, have you seen Congress lately or even President Obama on Gas Prices. Which makes Sen. Santorum dangerous, because he's either ignorant about what he's preaching. And he believes his own rhetoric, or he's telling Christian Zellets just what they want to hear. Making him a panderer, someone trying to convince North Dakotans there are beach houses for sale in North Dakota. Either way what Rick Santorum is doing is trying to appeal to a certain less then sane and very ignorant. Group of voters in America that are on the Far Right. In order to get their support for the Republican Nomination. At any cost, even if it makes him look like a wack job to anyone not on the Far Right. Which is most of the country.

For Rick Santorum to say the Jack Kennedy's speech on Church and State from 1960, Makes him want to "throw up", he may feel the same way about the First Amendment as a whole. Because thats what Sen. Kennedy was talking about and laid it out perfectly what our most important Constitutional Right means.

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