Sunday, July 22, 2012

Associated Press: USA Elects Sigourney Weaver to Political Show

The Political Animals Cast-
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I saw the premier of the new USA mini series Political Animals last Sunday night and I liked the show. Much different from NBC's The West Wing, with a lot more humor. The West Wing was also a funny show, but Political Animals to me looks like a political satire. Not completely based, but definitely inspired by real-life political stories. Except for Elaine Barish played by the still gorgeous, sexy and funny Sigourney Weaver. Being divorced from the former President of the United States. Her relationship with her ex-husband, looks a hell of a lot like the relationship between Bill and Hillary Clinton, a couple who obviously loves politics and is deeply involved in politics. This looks like 2008 all over again with the Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton Democratic presidential race, where of course then Senator Obama not only wins the Democratic nomination but is elected President.

And then Senator Hillary Clinton who loses the Democratic nomination, but comes out of it strong and is able to form a good relationship with President Elect Obama in late 2008 and early 2009. And is nominated by President Obama to be his Secretary of State and obviously gets confirmed by the Senate. I haven't figured out if Elaine Barish was in Congress at all, either House or Senate, but she goes from being a former presidential candidate who loses the nomination to her opponent who is elected President in the same year and then nominates his former opponent in the Democratic race, to be his Secretary of State. This looks like the third installment of the Bill and Hillary Show, the real-life Bill and Hillary Show, the Primary Colors version of the Bill and Hillary Show.

And of course the latest installment of the Bill and Hillary Show with Hillary as Secretary of State and we get to see how Bill and Hillary interact with her as Secretary of State. But instead of Bill making Hillary's career all about him, plays more of a counselor to Hillary and tries to steer her on the right course. There are some added new twists to the Bill and Hillary Show. With how they interact with their kids and struggles that their kids are going through as well, as well as Hillary's relationship with the media. This looks like a very funny and entertaining show, with the new Bill Clinton doing an excellent job of playing a horny bastard who not only cheats on his wife, but mistress's as well, similar to Bill, but the new Bill is not as Yankee as Bill. More of a redneck, but someone whose also highly intelligent and knows and how to play the game of politics and someone whose been very successful at it.

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