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Shout Factory: Video: Joshua Tree 1993 Trailer: Cops Are Bad, Bad Guys Save the Day

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I gotta admit, Joshua Tree or Army of One and this movie for some reasons has two titles depending on how you see it, or what network it is on, but this movie is not a very good movie. Sure it has a decent car chase and there are some pretty good action scenes and perhaps I'm just not much of a Dolph Lundgren who is mostly famous for Rocky 4, (sorry, I'm horrible with Roman numerals) fan. But this movie is worth watching for other reasons. George Segal is his usual smartass funny self. And Cristian Alfonso plays a great sexy tough cop, looking for her big case.

Dolph Lundgren plays an escape convict who of course is innocent of why he was put in prison. But he's hardly innocent of much else and gets a break and manages to escape from prison when their bus breaks down. He is a career criminal and learns that his best friend and partner has been murdered by the crooked cop, sergeant or lieutenant that put him away played by George Segal. So while he's out of prison he's on the run and kidnaps a rookie or somewhat inexperienced police officer played by Cristian Alfonso who it out of uniform and steals her pickup with her in it.

They are on the run together because he doesn't want to go back to prison and has her as her hostage. He won't hurt her though if she doesn't give him any reason to. She later takes his side even after attempting to escape from him and gets ditched by him in the desert when he believes he doesn't need her anymore. But she now believes that he's innocent of why he was put in prison and that the crooked cop and his crew are the bad guys here and does what she can to help him as a cop.

Not a good movie except for a few parts, but Cristian Alfonso simply looked great in it. The hot sexy baby version of Cristian that I wish she brought out more on Days of Our Lives is the Cristian we see in this movie. And she looks great and adorable kicking ass in her classic Levis denim jeans and boots and plays a hot sexy cop that I can't imagine any man his right mind would want to ditch. And she and Dolph save the day sort of and the bad guy and gal put away some bad cops.

CBS: CSI Miami- Rest in Pieces, Raquel Welch Stars on CSI

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Raquel Welch would've been in her early 70s at this point and I guarantee you she was the best looking women on the show, at least that night. And CSI Miami has Eva Larue, who is also gorgeous and baby-face and well-built. And Emily Proctor, very attractive with a nice body, whose as cute as a little girl and at times at least sounds like one. But what makes Raquel a goddess for all-time, is that she doesn't seem to age, at least in public. She's always been hot and has always been baby-face adorable. Its just that the years she's lived have gone up every year.

I haven't actually seen this show, so I couldn't tell you how Raquel did on it. But I can tell you how she looked and the star power she still has on it, or CBS doesn't promote the show the way it did. An actress at this point when this episode came out in her early 70s, who still commands that much attention and who is still a goddess physically, looking better than beautiful women young enough to be her daughter and perhaps even her grand daughter, was probably unheard of twenty-years ago. But Raquel makes it seem so natural.

AP: Mark Hamrick: US Economy Adds 146K Jobs, Rate Falls to 7.7 Pct

Even despite Hurricane Sandy, the United States did add 146K jobs in November, a lot of that probably. Had to do with the start of the 2012 holiday season, people spending more as a result and employers looking. For seasonable help to meet the new consumer demand but its also another sign of what economists have been saying. That the American economy is about to takeoff and that we could be looking at robust economic growth in 2013. Which would be followed by robust job growth, with the unemployment rate falling, allowing us to finally move past. The Great Recession and back into strong economic times but thats if we can avoid the fiscal cliff. A bad combination of steep middle class tax hikes and deep budget cuts, that would affect public sector jobs. As well as private sector jobs, because of all of the private employers that do business with the. Federal Government, which would send us back into recession, as economists on both sides of the isle. Agree would happen, so the President and Congress we need to avoid that.

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