Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Scared Straight: Trying to Scare Risk at Youth away from being Criminals

There are several Jails and Prisons across America including at least one in my State of Maryland. That has a program designed to help kids that have been labeled "Risk at Youth". Who have bad Behavioral Records in school and sometimes bad Educational Records at school. Students that are at risk of dropping out of High School or getting expelled. Because their schools are tired of dealing with their Bad Behavior and students who feel they are wasting their time in school. And are considering dropping out of school to join up with a gang and make some easy money. Getting involved in narcotics, jacking cars and homes, physically hurting and murdering people. If you look at our current Prison Population, its made up of a lot of adults. Who were "Risk at Youth", who were kids that society wasn't able to reach in time. Who dropped out of High School to start their Criminal Careers and some of these people have realized the mistakes. They've made early in life and want to help the next generation. To try to prevent them from making the same mistakes that they've made, so they don't end up in the Criminal Justice System and in Prison. The TV Network A&E even has a program that covers what some of these prisons are doing. The Maryland Prison was part of that series that I saw. And they show these kids what life in prison is like, where they sleep, who they live with. What they eat which would be scary enough for me, what's it liked to be Stripped Searched.

To talk about Prison Inmates themselves, this is what they should be doing, instead of hanging out in their cells. Or on the yard or in the Day Room, not only giving back to society. Probably not enough to pay back what they took but give back and try to prevent kids from making the same mistakes they did. To prevent the future Narcotics Dealers, Gang Bangers, Car and Home Jackers, murderers, rapists, batterers etc. Show these kids know that their are serious consequences and prices that have to be paid for Criminal Behavior. That being a criminal is not free and they are paying serious prices for what they've done. And society has decided that they are going to collect on the debts that some of these Prison Inmates have made. Some of these Inmates are paying such a heavy price for their crimes, that they will never leave prison alive. Which is a big help for these Inmates because a lot of them will actually leave Prison. And this will help them turn their lives around and perhaps give them a skill. To take once they are on the outside doing Community Service.

If your interested in Prison Reform, Crime and Punishment, Crime Prevention stopping Future Criminals from becoming Criminals. By making sure they finish school and go from there to college, military or whatever it may be. Something positive that they can do with their lives. Which I sure as hell am or I wouldn't be blogging about this, then you should look into Scared Straight. And other Community Service Programs, as well as Prison Reform Programs. That push for well Prison Reform so we can give our Inmates and opportunity to turn their lives around.

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