Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fidel Castro Full Movie: What Fidel Castro Achieved for Cuba and where he Failed

When Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba, he took over for a very corrupt an Authoritarian Dictator. But a country that had reached an economic level, where a lot of Cubans. Had some financial security and President Castro took a lot of that away. He did eliminate a lot of the corruption from the Bastista Regime. But replaced it with heavy handed top down Authoritarian Communist Rule. And the Cuban People have paid a heavy price for that. But what the Communist Republic of Cuba as I call them. Have gotten in return is a quality Educational and Healthcare System. That the Cuban People have benefited a lot from, especially for a Third World country. But the problem is that even though, Cubans tend to be well educated. Because the Castro Regime has messed up the Cuban Economy so much. With their State Ownership Economic System. Where the Cuban State at one point owned the entire Cuban Economy. A lot of Cuban Workers can't find the good jobs that their level of education should give them.

In some ways the Fidel Castro has benefited Cuba, I'm not one that sees Fidel Castro as completely evil. But he could've done so much more for this country, especially considering how long he was in power there. With the Cuban People, the size of their island, with their Natural Resources. With its educated workforce, with their Healthcare System, Cuba should've been the Hong Kong or Israel. Of the West Indies economically but with President Castro being so hell bent on having power. And constantly worrying about being ousted from power and having so little faith. In his own people to be able to build their own lives. To be able to take care of themselves and their families. Instead of making Cuba a Socialist Republic or Democratic Socialist Republic. Where the Cuban People could have freedom to live their own lives. At least economically, they've been held down by their own government.

I blogged this last night but the China Model is the path forward for Cuba. Thats the best they'll be able to do under the current Castro Regime. Which is basically State Capitalism, with a large Welfare State, supported by high taxes. But where the Cuban People will have Economic Liberty to live their own lives. And be able to take care of themselves and their families. But the Scandinavian Model would've been the way for Cuba to go, since the fall of the Bastista Regime back in 1959. Which is Democratic Socialist Republic, with considerable Economic and Social Liberty. But with a large Welfare State as well.

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