Thursday, February 7, 2013

Leather Honeys: Miss Sixty Babe- in Tight Leather Jeans

Source:Leather Honeys- Miss Sixty Babe, from Leather Honeys.
Source:The Daily Press 

"Miss Sixty Babe, in tight leather pants." Originally from Leather Honeys, but that video has since been deleted or blocked on YouTube.  

There are times that I certainly write pieces for the pure pleasure of it. And in this case this would be something that would make me feel good and a lot of other guys would feel good, but if someone from the Christian-Right, Moral Majority and that club ever saw it, they would try to send me to hell.

That hell would probably be a prison, because that is the closest that they could get too. But when you post a video of a sexy woman in all black, including skin-tight black leather jeans that Jim Morrison The Lizard King would be proud of and she's showing her asset, you're not speaking to a church, or a so-called family values group.

I'm not a fan of what is called hard-core porn. And for me that is basically very sexy naked women, or women who only cover up their boobs and lets say mid-section, leaving their legs and chess bare. But I do like sexy women in tight outfits. Especially women in tight jeans and boots.

Love leather jeans models, like you see in this video. Love cowgirls, biker women and athletically built women entertainers and women I just see on the street. You don't have to be pornographic to look sexy. You can look sexy and even where tight outfits. Including with skinny denim and leather with boots and other pants and skirts and look sexy, but not have to look like you work at a sex shop.

Sexy women to me, are stylish women. A porno star, would probably get my attention and I'm sure I would check her out. But a sexy stylish woman with a nice body who knows how to show her body without being practically naked will be in my memory. And I'll be thinking about her and want to get to know her, because a woman like that probably has more going on for her than just her body.

But a woman who feels the need to be half-naked on a regular basis, or does that to make a living, probably doesn't have much else going on for her. 

Vicki McKenna Show: 'Liberals Don't Care About Black People'

Source:Vickie McKenna Show- talking about the state of the African-American community in the Democratic Party.

"Bob appears on The Vicki McKenna Show (WIBA 1310, Madison, WI) to discuss the condition of the black community under Obama, Democrats, and the Chicago murder epidemic." 

I don't like putting words in other people's mouths (and I'm sure that makes me unique) and I generally don't do that (which also makes me unique) but what Vickie McKenna and her friend Bob are essentially saying that African-American voters are suckers. They there's all of these bad things going on in their community (according to them) and this community has never been worst off (according to them) and yet African-Americans vote for Democrats overwhelmingly anyway.

The real reason why African-Americans vote for Democrats overwhelmingly is very simple: Democrats go into those communities and campaign for those votes. Now you can argue that Democrats take African-American voters for granted and just campaign for their votes, but then don't do a damn thing for them in non-election years and I actually agree with that. 

The Republican base is a coalition of Southern and rural Anglo-Saxon-Protestant male voters and country club Republicans in the North. As well as Latino voters in the Southeast and Southwest, at least when Republicans are in close elections. While Democrats count on African-Americans and white-collar women of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. It's nothing more complicated than that. 

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