Friday, October 5, 2012

Associated Press: Mark Hamrick: 'US Jobless Rate Falls to 7.8 Pct., 44-month Low'

Source:Associated Press- Mark Hamrick with this report.

"The U.S. unemployment rate fell to 7.8 percent last month, dropping below 8 percent for the first time in nearly four years." 

From the Associated Press

When you are running for reelection as President of the United States, whether the economy is solid, or struggling (and in this case struggling) it's the trends in the economy that you need to be looking at. As well as who gets better ratings on the economy according to the voters: you or your opponent. 

You would think in a normal election, 2012 would be similar to let's say 1992 for the Democrats or 1980 for the Republicans, where the opposition party looks not only to win back The White House, but do it in a blowout and win a landslide in Congress as well. But the fact is Republican nominee Mitt Romney is still losing the polls both in the popular vote and in the Electoral College as well. And Senate Democrats seemed poised to at least hold the Senate in 2012 and pick up seats in the House. Why? Because the economy has been growing steadily in 2012 both in growth at 2% and jobs created as at around 200,000 a month. 

President Obama gets better ratings on the economy than Governor Romney, according to the voters. So if you are the Obama Campaign right now, the trend lines look good for you as far as reelection.

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