Monday, February 13, 2012

"President Obama Budget Proposal To Set Up Year-End Clash With Congress": What else is knew

President Obama's 2013 Federal Budget is not about passing a Federal Budget this year. That will be done the way its been done the last ten years unfortunately. With a 3T$ plus Appropriations bill, with Members of Congress not actually reading what they vote for or vote against. If your not going to bother to read a bill, you should vote against it. President Obama's 2013 budget is about, similar to his State of the Union Speech. This is what I'll do If I'm reelected, I don't have the votes in Congress to do what I want to do. But if you reelect me and give me a Democratic Congress, we'll be able to pass the things that you want. Which is exactly what the President should be doing and how your suppose to negotiate. A lesson that I wish the President learned a year ago, put your best offer on the table first. This is what I believe in and I'm going to fight for and if you don't like it. Put your own plan on the table and then we'll let the voters decide who has the best plan in the fall. Instead of laying out what your willing to give up, before the other side puts anything on the table. President Obama wants to make the 2012 General Elections a choice. Because if its a choice, between what he and Democrats wants to do, meaning the Democratic Leadership. Democrats will win but if its a referendum on the Obama Presidency, with at least 8% unemployment. And an economy not growing very fast, with a 15T$ Federal Debt and 2T$ Federal Deficit. Then the President probably loses reelection, except if Rick Santorum is the GOP Nominee. And I don't believe the GOP is dumb enough to allow that to happen.

If I was a President and I got a chance to send a Dead Duck up to Congress, especially the Senate. Where Leader Reid has already announced the Senate is not going to mark up a budget this year. I would send up the best budget I possibly can, because I know it won't become law. And then I can tell Democrats and voters, look I tried I sent them the best budget possible. They rejected it, so blame then we have Checks and Balances, I'm not a dictator. And this is what I would do, I would put a cap on the current Federal Budget. Meaning the Federal Government can spend no more then it did in 2011. The 3.7T$ figure, except in things that have to do with stimulating the economy. But for the economy like passing an Economic and Job Growth Act, as I would call it, instead of Jobs Act. Because if we really want to bring down the Unemployment Rate. Get it down to 7% or so and then go from there, we need much better Economic Growth. We need to get to 4-5% Economic Growth, not 2.8% but then I would pay for this plan. So a cap on all new Federal Spending, except as it relates to Economic and Job Growth. But pay for all of those things as well, but the rest of the Federal Government would get a clean shave. Which gets to cuts and reforms.

The President made the right moves today as they result to both politics and governing. Trying to make the 2012 Elections about a choice and also recognizing that he won't get a Federal Budget passed this year. So he might as well put his best offer on the table and so he can tell voters. That this is what he wants to do but he doesn't have the votes for it. And to do the things that we should be doing as a country. I need more Democrats in Congress.

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