Saturday, June 9, 2012

FYI: 'The World's Most Notorious Serial Killer- Ted Bundy'

Source:FYI- I believe this is the F.B.I. most wanted photo of serial murderer Ted Bundy. 
Source:The Daily Press

“The World’s Most Notorious Serial Killer : Documentary on Ted Bundy (Full Documentary)”

From FYI 

When I think of people who would fall into the category, of what could’ve been, as far as people who could’ve been very successful in life, the ultimate underachievers, Ted Bundy would definitely be on that list. There are plenty of athletes who would make that list. Baseball players like Darryl Strawberry, who was a five-tool player, whose career was shortened due to drug addiction. Jose Canseco would be on that list as well. Not so much drug addiction, except for perhaps steroids. But someone who wasn’t very disciplined as an athlete or a person.

Football players like RB Eric Dickerson and this might be hard to believe, because he’s in the Hall of Fame. But he could’ve and perhaps should’ve gone down as the best running back of all time. Perhaps the most talented RB of all-time, but never made it to that level. And then you look at politicians, like Richard Nixon, without his paranoia, would’ve gone down as one of the best American president’s ever, especially on foreign policy. And then you can also look at serial murderers and Ted Bundy would be at the top of my list.

There are plenty of criminals and serial murderers who are pure evil, who bring nothing to the table, from a positive sense. Richard Ramirez the Night Stalker comes to mind. And then there are serial murderers who are a mix bag of good and evil. Take away the evil side and they could’ve been very productive in life. Ted Bundy would be at the top of my list.

Serial murderers like John Wayne Gacy, who when he wasn’t murdering people, was a very successful business and family man. Who was considering a career in Illinois politics and could’ve gotten elected and been successful at that. Ted Bundy went to college and was studying to become a lawyer.

Bundy was a law student and even represented himself in court, during his murder trials. Murder trials, because he’s connected to at least twenty murders that we know of and there may be more.

The evil side of Ted Bundy, was one of the worst people we’ve ever seen, one of the most successful serial murderers that we know of, as far as the amount of people he murdered and murdered all young women, most of them college students. So he could rape them, then murder them and then keep them as his possessions, so he can come back to them. Thats how he satisfied his sexual desires and is someone who had to be stopped, because he would’ve killed more. 

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