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Lifetime Intimate Portrait Jaclyn Smith

Source:Lifetime Intimate Portait Jaclyn Smith.
Source:The Daily Review

I probably think of Jaclyn Smith as an actress last, because of outside of Charlie’s Angels and a few guest TV appearances in the 1970s and even in the last few years if you’re a fan of CSI which I am, her acting career I don’t believe has been a big focus of her professional life. She’s a goddess who has used that to promote her business career. And I’m not talking about sleeping her way to the top or anything like that. But she’s this gorgeous if not hot baby-faced adorable Texas sweetheart and has made a great career for herself in fashion and showing women how they can look great as well. And whatever you think of the Charlie’s Angels series and I would be one of the first to tell you it wasn’t a great show, she is by far the most successful of the Angels.

Jackie is my favorite of the Charlie’s Angels. Farah Fawcett is overrated and became a star mostly because of her gorgeous adorable looks who perhaps didn’t grow up and burned out real fast and died early in life. Kate Jackson, is a very good actress and funny and also very pretty and very cute. With Cheryl Ladd and Shelly Hack I think they were looking for the next Farah Fawcett and I don’t know what they brought to that show. But Jackie was a true Angel a Goddess who could also act and has a good sense of humor. Who almost forty-years later is still very active and still doing very well. I don’t think you can say the same about any other actress on that show.

Charlie’s Angeles was a hit for ABC because of the three girls on the show. Women love seeing strong women on TV and women who are in charge and don’t get pushed around. Guys love seeing beautiful sexy women kick ass. Today shows that feature beautiful sexy female cops, or law enforcement officers, or private detectives, who kick ass are very common. CSI, Law & Order SVU, are just a couple of examples of that. But in the late 1970s and early 1980s that wasn’t very common. Charlie’s Angels was truly groundbreaking TV for how they featured strong independent women. So in that sense it was a great show and historic. And Jackie Smith was a big part of that and I believe the star of that show.

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