Friday, November 20, 2015

Mal Partisan: ISIS Must be Destroyed, But it Won’t be Easy

Source:Mal Partisan- FNC anchor Shepard Smith.
Source:The New Democrat

For anyone to say that this is just about revenge for what happened in Paris and that I and others are scared that this could happen in Washington, or some other great big American city, I have some questions for you.

One, what are you smoking?

Two, how long have you been high?

Three, is what you’re smoking legal in the United States?

Four, can I have whatever you’re smoking?

This is not about what happened in Paris and seeking revenge. At most Paris was the tipping point and the smoking gun that has now united America with Europe, (there’s an odd couple) together to want to now destroy ISIS. President Obama, called for air strikes against ISIS in Syria, as well as to protect the innocent Syrian people in the late summer of 2013, but neither chamber of Congress would even officially debate that. Or update the Iraq War Resolution to include ISIS. Which I supported as well that is on this blog. ISIS is not new, they’ve been around at least since the fall of Saddam Hussein in Iraq in the early summer of 2003 and since the start of the Syrian Civil War.

For anyone who believes in great liberal values that I share like minority rights, protection of women from bad men that would abuse them, freedom to practice, or not practice religion and individual freedom in general, whose not a pacifist, should want to destroy ISIS. Not contain them or want to work with them. If they surrender, that would be one thing, but destroy them and put them completely out of the terrorism business and give Islam back to who it belongs to. Which are peaceful Muslims who go about their everyday business and live their everyday lives.

I’m not calling for some neoconservative unilateral five-hundred-thousand American troop invasion of Syria. To knockout Bashar Al-Assad and is horrible regime and to take out ISIS ourselves. As once we again we try to occupy another Middle Eastern Muslim country. But America has to play its part and at the very least supply the air power while Europe and the Arab League, or Turkey, Iraq and Kurdistan, provide the ground troops to destroy ISIS, as well as the Bashar Al-Assad forces. So a responsible Syrian coalition can take over the government there.

The only way to knockout both ISIS and the Al-Assad regime, is through the air where America has to play a role there. As well as an international ground force on the ground from NATO to pound the Al-Assad and ISIS forces on the ground. This is not about revenge, or even sweet revenge. This is about justice and not just for Paris, but for all the other innocent people who ISIS has murdered. Including Muslims, even though ISIS has the balls to call themselves Muslims. And America has to play its role here, along with Europe, Iraq and Kurdistan, to get this mission accomplished.

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