Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lana Ulrich: The Federalist Papers Are Published

Source:National Constitution Center- left to right: Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay.
Source:The New Democrat

I believe the American Federal Republic with our Constitution, individual rights and federalist system, is really what separates the United States from every other country in the world and why millions of people even from developed countries emigrate here every year. Along with the opportunity to create a better life for themselves. Our federalist system, is really something that real Liberals, in the classic and realist sense, same thing with Conservatives and people who call themselves Libertarians, can all be proud of. And something we in many ways have built our political philosophies around. While Progressives and Social Democrats, lets say, tend to I believe view the Constitution as an annoyance. Because they put so much faith in the Federal Government to take care of everyone. Even though the Constitution puts strict restrictions on what the Federal Government and even state and local government’s, can do.

We almost had to go with the federalist route all along, or the Colony of New York, wouldn’t have joined America as a state. But not only that, because we’re founded by people who would be called Liberals and Libertarians today, who wanted to break away from the authoritarian and unitarian British State. And create a country where power was decentralized and people have personal and economic freedom over their own lives. But not only that, but because how big we have become as a country that stretches from one huge ocean to another, that is physically the size of a continent even without Alaska and Hawaii, that now has a population of three-hundred-fifteen-million people, that has had fifty states since the late 1950s and could add another one perhaps in ten years in Puerto Rico. Could you imagine the Feds in Washington telling Florida, California, Texas and any other state, how to educate their kids, build their roads, run their prisons, etc?

A social democratic unitarian government, would never work in Modern America. Because we’re so damn big and tend not to trust big centralized authorities that want to handle our affairs for us. Especially if they can be handled at the state, or local levels, or even individually, or through the private sector. We broke away from the United Kingdom to get away from that big centralized unitarian government. And create a country where a lot of power was with the people and with a more bottomed up form of government. And we had to do that, or the United States of America is never formed. Perhaps the colonies come together to fight off the British and then go their separate ways after the Revolutionary War. And form much smaller countries and perhaps even unions. But the thirteen British Colonies, wouldn’t have become the United States.

Progressives and Social Democrats, I’m sure say that the big centralized unitarian form of government works well in Britain and Scandinavia and perhaps other places in Europe. A few problems there. One, those countries are a hell of a lot smaller than America. And operate more like big states in America than large countries. California and Texas by themselves, both have more people than all of Scandinavia. California, has forty-million people and Britain has sixty-million people and their economies are roughly the same size. These small European states, especially Scandinavia, don’t have the history of rebellion with people wanting to break away from a big centralized authoritarian country.

And also, because of the ethnic diversity of Britain, where you have four states inside of the United Kingdom that all have their own major dominant ethnic group, they’re looking to break away from Britain and create their own independent countries. Which is why Britain is now looking at a federalist system to replace their unitarian system. But if you go to the big states in Europe and look at Germany, France and Italy, they are all federal republics with autonomous states that all have real responsibilities over their own state affairs. The Federal Republic of Germany, perfect example. A country of over eighty-million people and without their federal system, you might not have a United Germany today. But instead several ethnic-German republics and not just an East and a West.

Our Founding Fathers, (The Founding Liberals of America) were real smart and knew exactly what they wanted and why they wanted to break way from and the type of country they wanted to create. Break away from unitarianism and create the first liberal democratic federal republic. Where power would be decentralized from the Federal Government, down to the states, localities and people, to be able to govern themselves. Which is what we call self-governance. While maintaining a Federal Government powerful and responsible enough not to control us and the other levels of government, but to manage national affairs for us. Interstate crime and commerce, foreign policy, national security, national infrastructure, to use as examples, but not to try to run every state and local government and part of the country from the federal level. And they did a great job and we were lucky to have them.

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