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1/29/2022 - Because of America’s crazy and outdated two-party system, you have two, large, political parties in America, that have two crazy factions in it. Which means you have a Democratic Party that believes in both liberal democracy, quality of opportunity, equal rights, and equal justice, as well as personal freedom is dangerous, capitalism is racist, free speech is bigoted, minorities and women should be treated better than the majority population and Caucasian men. Because the Democratic Party has a Center-Right and Center-Left, that believes in liberal values that I mentioned before and a Far-Left that believes in the crazy values that I just mentioned.

So America has a Democratic Party that looks and acts like the adults in the room, but only because they are the adults in the room. Who tend to run the Democratic Party and don’t need a gerrymandered district to get elected to anything, who can not just get elected statewide in swing states, but who can get elected statewide in Democratic states. (Where Far-left Democrats can’t, like in California) And a Far-Left that really should be in the Green Party (when they’re not occupying mental institutions) who can’t get elected anywhere, to anything, that doesn’t just have an overwhelmingly Democratic population, but left-wing Democratic population.

I’m not saying America should have a parliamentary political system, because that would make me a crazy leftist as well. But the two-party system is why America has a Democratic Party that has two political factions that simply don’t agree on much, because the Far-Left has nowhere else to go, because they represent such a small percentage of the country. And the Green Party is simply too small for them to get elected to anything, that’s worth anything in America.

Source:Real Time With Bill Maher telling the far-left in American to grow up.

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