Monday, March 25, 2019

The Washington Post: 'William Barr: Must Release Full Mueller Report'

Source:The Washington Post“President Trump says he’s innocent. If so, he should want the Mueller report public.” – Special Counsel Robert Mueller: release the damn report!
Source:The New Democrat

"The country deserves to see the results of the Mueller investigation into election interference. The Post editorial board says we need to know if the President was involved in a crime."

From The Washington Post

Source:The Washington Post “Now we know what Trump will say when we learn what he’s hiding. President Trump.” – President Donald Trump: “no really, I’m not a crook” LOL
As someone who isn't a lawyer I must say that Donald Trump out of all the people who've ever been investigated before at least by the Federal Government, he looks the most guilty. And that's assuming he's innocent of everything he's been investigation of. Which granted is not a safe assumption. I mean if I just pulled one of the greatest if not the greatest if not greatest upsets in American presidential election history and my presidential campaign was under investigation even though I personally knew I wasn't involved in any personal crimes relating to it my campaign, I would welcome an investigation both personally, but as a patriot as well. Especially when we know that a hostile power like Vladimir Putin and his Russian Federation interfered into the election. And I would want it for several reasons:

One, to personally clear me and to not have this over my head when I'm running for reelection.

Two, to figure out what the hell actually happened so it can be addressed and it doesn't happen again.

Three, to figure out how to prevent this from happening in the future.

Source:The Advocate- "“President Trump says he’s most hounded leader ever, says ‘even my enemies’ know he’s innocent” – President Donald Trump: “I’m not a crook! LOL
Four, to set a precent here that future President's would hopefully follow that when foreign countries especially hostile ones try to interfere into our elections and they know that they're personally innocent, but perhaps perhaps who are close to them aren't completely innocent and need to be investigated for that. But again to figure out exactly what happened, so we can stop it and prevent it from happening in the future. I wouldn't wait for my Deputy Attorney General to appoint the Special Counsel, I would consult my Vice President and Chief of Staff, as well as the Attorney General and order the investigation myself.

But what does Donald Trump do: instead of acting like a victim of mistaken identity or false accusation, he pulls a Richard Nixon Watergate play and tries to cover up it up and personally obstruct the investigation. Not with any official actions and we know that now, but through public means by how he talks about it and tries to convince the people who are under real investigation and in serious trouble that he has their back and is still on their side, that they're getting a raw deal and plays with pardons like baseball players play with baseballs ( sorry, but it's that time of year ) and tosses them around in the air for the helluva it.

Americans have the right to know about and see Robert Mueller's report for a couple of reasons:

One, we paid for the damn thing and have a right to know if our President is a crook or not ( to paraphrase President Richard Nixon ) and is our President has been bought off by either the Russian Federation or the Saudi Kingdom.

Two, we have a right to know if a hostile power not only has damaging information on our President or not, but how exactly did they interfere in our elections or not. To what success and they may have and why did they did that. How come President Vladimir Putin wanted Donald Trump to be President of the United States.

If President Donald Trump, is completely innocent here and Russia really does have nothing on in and this kissass routine that he has for Vladimir Putin is nothing more than innocent, inexperienced, amateur bad judgment on his part and he really does believe that the way you get Vladimir Putin's Russia to act like a civilized player on the world stage is by being soft on them rhetorically and go out-of-your-way to  either excuse what Russia does or put America on the same level as Russia and say: "we do bad thing too" then releasing Mueller Report makes perfect sense on Donald Trump's part, because it can only help him because he's innocent and would be doing American people ( that's all the people, not just Donald Trump's base ) a real public service. But that's probably not what's going to happen here.

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