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Charles Manson: 'Denied Parole, With Next Parole Hearing Set For 2027’

Source:CNN- convicted serial murderer Charles Manson.

Source:The Daily Press 

“Corcoran, California CNN —
Notorious killer Charles Manson, 77, was denied parole Wednesday after a California parole panel “could find nothing good as far as suitability” for his being paroled, a commissioner said.

Manson didn’t show up for his parole hearing, which was held at a state prison in Corcoran, California, where he is serving a life sentence.

Manson’s next parole hearing was scheduled for 15 years from now, meaning he could die in prison.”  

From CNN 

"Charles Manson once more was put up before the California parole board and was denied freedom."  

Source:Daily Worldwide News- convicted serial murderer Charles Manson.

From Daily Worldwide News 

“Infamous mass murderer Charles Manson just lost his last real shot at freedom … the parole board just denied his latest request for release.

The hearing took place at Corcoran State Prison in CA…where Manson– who was convicted of 7 murders in 1969 … including Sharon Tate’s– was previously denied parole 11 times.

Now … at the ripe old age of 77 this is most likely the murderer’s last stand…since his case cannot be heard again for another 15 years … putting him well into his 90s.

Only one Manson Family member convicted of murder has been paroled — Steve Grogan–who was granted his freedom in 1985 for aiding the authorities and good behavior.

If you recall…Manson was originally sentenced to death in 1972 but it was commuted after the California death penalty was declared unconstitutional." 
Source:TMZ- convicted serial murderer Charles Manson has been exactly where he belongs the last 42 years.

From TMZ

Charles Manson has been in prison for his current sentence of forty-two years. After being convicted for his part in the Manson Family murders of the late 1960s. He is now 77 years old, so just for is current prison sentence alone, he’s been in prison for more than half of his life.

The last time Manson was a free man from the mid 1960s, after being paroled from prison in Washington State, to the time he was arrested in 1969, for his role in the Manson Family murders, that’s really the longest stretch he’s ever been free at any point of his life.

It’s not just that Charlie Manson has spent most of his adult life in prison he’s spent most of his life period in prison. He’s exactly where he belongs, he’s never shown the ability to be productive on the outside, without hurting innocent people, or having them killed. Charlie Manson is not in Prison for actually physically committing the murders. He’s in Prison for conspiring the murders, for inspiring others to do his evil work.

Charlie Manson was originally sentenced to death for the role in the Manson Family murders from 1969. So were his co-defendants Leslie Van Houten, Patricia Krenwinkel, Charles Watson and others. But then California outlawed the death penalty shortly after their sentences. So their sentences were changed to life in prison with the possibility of parole. None of the convicted murderers have been paroled and they will never be.

Imagine that you are responsible for intentionally killing not just one innocent person, but innocent people and not only is your life spared, but you actually have a shot as small as it is, of one day being free. Even though your victims will never be free from the crimes you committed against them.

The Manson Family is lucky to even be alive right now and that’s the best they’ll ever do. You can make a good case that sparing the lives of Leslie Van Houten and Pat Krenwinkell, was a a good move. Both have made productive use of their prison sentences. Both completed college in prison, both hold good prison jobs. Both have shown they are now rehabilitated and probably no longer represents a threat to society. And both have shown remorse for their crimes.

Charlie Manon is exactly where he belongs and is lucky to have whatever time he has left to be alive in Prison. He’s shown no remorse or admitted any responsibility for his crimes. 

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