Friday, March 23, 2012

"40 Years of Ignorance: Conclusion": The War on Drugs, 40 Years of Failure

If you look at what Big Government is or what that term means. And you listen to a lot of so called "Conservative Republicans". When they are talking about Big Government and you don't listen to other people. You would probably think Big Government is about high Tax Rates and Economic Regulations. And Big Government budgets, spending a lot of Tax Payers money to take care of them. You would think Big Government looks like Scandinavia or something. But thats only half of it, Big Government is actually about control. Big Government is about power and control, using Big Government to take care and protect people even from themselves. Because they don't trust the people to live their own lives and make their own decisions. And that they would make bad decisions with their own lives, that would be bad for the country. There are Big Government Democrats and Republicans. And they both have their own versions of Big Government and using Big Government to take care of the people. The War on Drugs is exactly what Big Government looks like, because it tries to protect people from themselves.

You get Big Government supporters and politics out of the debate about marijuana. And the broader War on Drugs created by President Richard Nixon in 1971. Marijuana would've been legalized a long time ago, because people would've seen the Cost Benefit Analysis. Similar to alcohol and perhaps tobacco, tobacco might be the worst of the three actually. But because politicians are worried about looking soft on crime. And losing big Campaign Contributions from Alcohol and Tobacco. And Alcohol and Tobacco have fought so hard to keep marijuana illegal. We still have Marijuana Prohibition, just like we use to have Alcohol Prohibition. But America is waking up about marijuana, as they learn more about it. Talk to friends who have used it or used marijuana themselves.

Something like 50% of the country now supports Marijuana Legalization, if you look at the polls. Its no longer a Fringe Issue just supported by potheads, sober people are waking up about it as well. And we could be headed for Marijuana Legalization in Colorado, Washington State and Connecticut. In 2012, which would be a great sign of things to come in the failed War on Drugs in the future.

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