Thursday, August 2, 2012

Illegal Immigrant Detentions and Soaring Profits: The Costs of Private Detention Centers

Private prisons are bad enough, the idea that private companies can detain people against their will for a profit. The idea that prisons would actually have financial incentive to detain people and hold them longer and lobby for new laws so they can detain more people in the future. Is a pretty scary idea, people could end up being sentenced to prison for minor offenses and who are guilty of those crimes. And sentenced to short term sentences, could end up doing much more time then they otherwise normally would, because these Prison Corporations could lobby for longer sentences for these minor offenses. And the people who are convicted of them, will end up being sentenced to longer sentences then they otherwise normally would get, if they were sentenced to a Public Prison. Because people who are sentenced to Public Prisons, the idea there is to serve the time thats justifiable for the offense the offender was convicted of. Because governments and Tax Payers don't make money off of inmates, the idea is to house these offenders, because of the threat they represent to society. Not how much money can be made housing them in prison at Tax Payers expense.

Its not just Private Prisons that are a problem but Prison Corporations are now in the business of detaining Illegal Immigrants. Or people who are suspected of being Illegal Immigrants like the case of this Guatemalan Immigrant whose in America legally and ends up in the Immigration Detention System. Even though he's in America legally, taken away from his family, wife and kid. And housed in a Private Detention Center, in a Detention Center that makes money off of housing people who are suspected of being Illegal Immigrants, at a profit for the Detention Center. And at a costs of Tax Payers and in this case at a cost of Federal Tax Payers, the whole country had to pay for this man being detained, even though he's innocent of the charge he was suspected of. Whether these people who are detained at these Detention Centers are guilty or not, they make money off of our backs anyway.

Its bad enough that States are now in the Private Prison Industry, thats bad enough and a big enough problem. But it makes it even worse that the Federal Government is doing this as well and contracting their prisons and inmates out to corporations that make money detaining people at our expense. I understand that the States and Feds face serious debt and deficit issues but there are better ways to cut costs with our Corrections System.

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