Wednesday, July 11, 2012

House Minority Leader Pelosi Explains why House GOP Should not Repeal The ACA: The Cost of Repealing The ACA

What House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was doing earlier today on the House Floor in the debate of repealing the Affordable Care Act. Was laying out the benefits of the ACA that would be eliminated if somehow Congress and the President were to repeal this law. This of course is not going to happen at least in this Congress and I bet it won't happen in the next Congress either. But thats exactly what the Republican House to trying to accomplish, even though they know the Democratic Senate and the Democratic President will never go along with it. And what Minority Leader Pelosi was doing today was laying out the benefits the same benefits that Members of Congress in both the House and Senate and in both parties receive. At their constituents expense as Federal Employees, no lifetime or annual caps on Health Insurance, they can't lose their Health Insurance just because they actually need it. Can't be denied Health Insurance just because they have a Pre Existing Condition. These are just the Patient Protections that are in the ACA, that Members of Congress now receive as Federal Employees at our expense, that House Republicans are trying to deny for the rest of the country.

It actually goes farther then that with the Health Insurance Exchange thats in the ACA, that Americans could go to to shop for what's the best Health Insurance for them. A Tax Credit for people who can't afford Health Insurance on their own but aren't poor enough to be eligible for Medicaid. As well as a Tax Credit for employers that want to provide their employees Health Insurance but can't afford to do so. All of these protections and benefits that US Representatives and Senators now get as Federal Employees at their constituents expense, that apparently. House Republicans don't believe their constituents are entitled to have, which is why Representative Rob Andrews, Democrat from New Jersey offered an amendment to the repeal. That would've forced Members of Congress to drop their Health Insurance that they currently receive as Federal Employees, if this repeal were to pass.

Former Senator Ted Stevens Republican from Alaska I'm sure is famous for several things. But one of the things he was famous for in Congress, was the "Bridge to Nowhere", that he was able to get funded. That at one point Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska was in favor of but thats a different story, well this House Repeal of the Affordable Care Act is a bill to nowhere. Because it dies in the House today, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell might try to bring it up in the Senate but he'll be blocked by Senate Leader Harry Reid.

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