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Legendary League of Logic: Real Time With Bill Maher- Bill Maher Destroys Idiots Who Say Atheism is a Religion

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I don't have a problem with people being Atheists, we have Freedom of Religion in the United States. Which means Americans have the constitutional right to believe or not believe in religion. But we don't have the right to force our views on other people or force them into law. We have a Fist Amendment in this country, which is Freedom of Speech, but we don't have a constitutional right to force others to go along with what we believe. 

Which is something the Religious Right has never understood in this country. But is something that the Atheist Left doesn't get either. It's not good enough for them apparently that they have the constitutional right to not believe in God, but they feel the need to look down on and put down people who do believe who do. And that if anything that religion shouldn't even exist in the United States, a country that is probably the most religious country in the West. 

Mexico and Italy might come close on that. But we are very religious as a country, compared with Canada and Europe. And I guess Atheists feel outnumbered in America. Atheists tend to be progressive (socialist actually) politically, people who are supposed to be tolerant and open minded. And yet they tend to have very little to no tolerance for people who believe in God, a bit of a contradiction.

As much as Atheists claim to have no faith, they seem to have a lot of faith in that God doesn't exist. And there a lot of today's Progressives in this country who claim to not believe in God, but also claim to be very spiritual. This is common in Hollywood and I don't doubt that they are. But I believe there's another reason with that. That being religious in this country especially amongst young people, where the decline in religion is very high, fewer Americans going to church or a House of Warship, but not being spiritual may come down as too elitist for a lot of people. 

But not being religious at all, makes you seem like an elitist, someone who can't communicate with the average folk so to speak. That you think you are better than everyone else because you feel you don't need God or something. But if you are spiritual, you can sort of split the difference. "I don't believe in God, but I believe in a higher power or something above myself".

What we need in this country from the Religious Right and the Atheist Left, is instead of them trying to destroy each other, that they both realize that they both have a constitutional right to exist. That we do have a First Amendment in America that protects both Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion. And they would both do much better and be able to attract more followers in the future, because they would seem tolerant and reasonable.
Legendary League of Logic: Real Time With Bill Maher- Bill Maher Destroys Idiots Who Say Atheism is a Religion

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