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James Knokey: Allan Gregg Interviewing Christopher Hitchens- Diatribe on Bill Clinton

Source: James Knokey-Chirstopher Hitchens-
Source: James Knokey: Allan Gregg Interviewing Christopher Hitchens- Diatribe on Bill Clinton

Chris Hitchens is right about one aspect about Bill Clinton, that Liberals do like if not love the guy. And I'm one of them, even though the word love gets thrown out a lot, but he is one of my political heros. And someone who helped me form my political thinking when I was in high school during the Clinton Presidency and when I had just left High School up to my mid 20s during the Clinton Presidency. Because you could make a very good case that Bill Clinton saved the Democratic Party, at least at the national level. Because thanks to the right wing, as well as some of the candidates that Democrats put up, we were seen as tax and spend Socialists, that wouldn't protect the country and we were seen as way too soft. Not just taking care of people who won't bother working for a living, but if anything we wanted them to stay on public assistance at the expense of people who work for a living. Bill Clinton changed all of that.

And all of these negative stereotypes, that kept Democrats from winning presidential elections. The Gingrich Revolution in Congress was going to happen anyway, or something like that because the Republican Party moved to the Right and and the South became Republican. But Clinton was able to postpone it and postpose a united Republican government. And I'll explain how Bill Clinton was able to postpone it by how he moved the Democratic Party. But Southern and rural America, thanks to Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon and Ron Reagan, was moving Right and even Far-Right, to where it is now and these people were becoming Republicans. And they make up today's Republican Party that we see today with a lot of power. Congressional Democrats were bound to lose these House and Senate seats, it didn't have to happen in 1994. Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich played a big role in that happening, so whether it happened in 1994, 1996, 1998, or 2000, it was going to happen.

We were bound to have a Republican Congress, at least a Republican House and what Bill Clinton did was able to postpone, a united Republican government. If President Bush is reelected in 1992, he gets four more years and two more elections on his watch. While Southern and rural Americans become Republicans and for Congressional Republicans to add to their seats in the House and Senate. So I understand why Chris Hitchens and other Socialists don't like Bill Clinton. Because he transformed a party that they believe Franklin Rossevelt built and made it the party they wanted. A social democratic that would take care of people. Where Bill Clinton has built a party, that Barack Obama is continuing. A party that wants Americans to be able to take care of themselves and not have to be dependent on public assistance.

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