Monday, January 21, 2013

Deri Cizmeleri: 'Outfit of The Day -Black Leather Jeans & Patent Boots'

Source:Deri Cizmeleri- OOTD: leather jeans & boots.

Source:The Daily Press

"OOTD - Black Leather Pants & Patent Boots." 

The second model I believe is a model from Leathered Life, because I've seen her on social media with that page. Beautiful, sexy, brunette, in the black leather suit, with the jacket, jeans, and boots.

Source:Leathered Life model all leathered up with the jacket, jeans, and boots.
I love jeans and boots on sexy women. That is women with bodies who aren’t skinny or fat, but well-built and put together. Healthy looking women who don’t vomit even at the sight of food, or don’t stiff their faces in every plate of food that they see. Except when that plate of food is a salad, of course.

Jeans and boots whether they’re denim jeans and boots, which is by far the most common jeans and boots look, even in Europe, or leather jeans and boots which is more common in Europe and America, like french fries or fried potatoes with cheeseburgers. Kareem and Magic, Jordan and Pippen, ( to use sports analogies ) the perfect combination. Cherry pie with vanilla ice cream, would be another good one. Because you take a sexy stylish pant like skinny denim or leather jeans and then combine them with style footwear.

The boots and jeans look, is not too formal and yet adult so you don’t look a high school kid who only wears jeans and sneakers even when they go out at night. Or have dinner with the family. It’s a sexy, adult, stylish, way, for women to dress, especially with a stylish top. Which is why jeans and boots and to a certain extent leather jeans and boots when they’re dressed up, are common at the office now.

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