Friday, February 10, 2012

POT-TV: Dana Larson- 'End Prohibition'

Source:POT-TV- End Prohibition with Dana Larson.

"Dana Larsen endorses Peggy Nash for NDP leader in the first of his new End Prohibition video series." 

From POT-TV 

You would think that if there is one country in the West where marijuana would already be legal, it would be Canada. I mean Canada is like the hippie-left capital and perhaps social democratic capital of the world, at least in the West. But the left-wing anywhere, including in Canada, is not just hippie-leftist, Social Democrats. You obviously have Communists over there, as well as democratic leftists who question personal freedom and allowing individuals to make their own decisions when it comes to their own personal lives. You have nanny statists in America when it comes to not just marijuana, but now sugar and salt, and you have nanny statists on the Left in Canada as well. 

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