Friday, February 10, 2012

End Prohibition with Dana Larsen: Even Canadians believe the War on Drugs is wrong

I was under the impression that marijuana was either legal or was legal at least at one point in Canada. Perhaps I was high when I was believing that myself but I guess I was wrong. Even Canadians now believe the War on Drugs is wrong, not saying all of them. But there seems to be a movement in Canada to end the War on Drugs. And treat marijuana like alcohol and tobacco, which is what I'm for and stopping there with marijuana. Not moving to legalize heroin and cocaine and I'll explain later why I stop at marijuana. And if your still awake by then, you'll be able to read it. But the point is why is there growing movements in both America and Canada, to end the War on Drugs. To legalize marijuana and then reform how we treat Heroin and Cocaine Addicts and taking a Mental Health approach. With those people, get them in Drug Rehab and I would even have them pay for Drug Rehab. Instead of forcing Tax Payers who made the smart decision to not get started with heroin and cocaine. To pay for the mistakes of these Narcotic Addicts but have these Addicts pay for their own Drug Rehab instead. Damn think of all the prison space we could save as a country, just by getting these Narcotic Addicts. Into Drug Rehab and out of prison and the prison space. We would be able to free up for people who actually need to be there. And I think its pretty obvious who should be there, to put it simply. The people who hurt society, who either victimized people intentionally or unintentionally by being irresponsible. Not punish people for what they do to themselves, which is what the War on Drugs is about.

The reason why there growing movements in America in States like, Connecticut, Colorado, California, Washington State and yes now even Montana. Not exactly known for Liberal or Libertarian thought, is because these people are recognizing the damage that the War on Drugs has done to our society. All the prisons and jails that its filled up, by people for possessing or using narcotics. There not in jail or prison for what they did to innocent people. Which is what jails and prisons are suppose to be for but for what they did to themselves. Imagine if we applied the War on Drugs logic. Assuming there is any logic to the War on Drugs, not a safe assumption. To junk food and drink, Bike Riding, tobacco, alcohol, gambling, Sky Diving, aviation, athletics. All activities that represent a certain amount of danger to them, thats actually part of the thrill in them. Who wants to live in a World without risk, what would be the point of getting out of bed. If we applied that same logic, to these other activities, most of the country would be in jail. Thats what happens in the War on Drugs, people get arrested for what they do to themselves.

I've lost count how many times I've said this, not that I was keeping count. But if people want to do something bad enough, they'll find a way to do those activities. And the hell with the consequences, telling someone they shouldn't do something. And then saying to them you'll punish them for those activities, is generally not a good enough reason. To get that person to stop what they are doing that you don't approve. If anything its just more motivation. For them to do whatever they were doing, just to piss you off. If you have kids, you know what thats like. Well thats what we are doing as a country with the War on Drugs and a big reason in why its failed.

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