Monday, October 1, 2012

Samuel Wilson: Jimmy Carter vs Gerald Ford Presidential Debate (October 22, 1976)

Source:Samuel Wilson- Governor James E. Carter (Democrat, Georgia) debating President Gerald R. Ford (Republican, Michigan) for the presidency in 1976.

"1976 Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford Presidential Debate #3 Oct 22" 

I don't think you can say that this presidential debate was a blowout either way. Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford I believe were both very sharp (for the most part) and showed they were in command of the issues during this debate. 

To use a sports analogy: imagine a heavyweight championship fight where it's even for the 1st 11 rounds and then the champion makes a big mistake, a self-inflicted wound, lets his guard down for a second and get clobbered for that. That's what happened when he was asked about Eastern Europe and the non-Russian Slavic states over there like Poland, where he basically said that there would be no Soviet control on Eastern Europe during a Ford Administration. When the fact is and President Ford knew this, that Eastern Europe west of Russia, were essentially satellite states of the Soviet Union. Not Russian republics, but they were heavily dependent on Russia for their survival, like Poland and Czechoslovakia. 

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