Thursday, January 10, 2013

The New Republic: White House: Noam Scheiber: Jack Lew For Treasury Secretary: Confirms President Obama's View of Government

Jack Lew For Treasury Secretary: Obama In Coke-Bottle Glasses | The New Republic

The more that President Obama brings in Clinton Administration New-Democrats the New-Left in America. The more evidence that he's definitely not a Socialist or Social Democrat or a Democratic Socialist because thats what Jack Lew. Represents someone who has a new thinking when it comes to the role of government who understands that. Its no longer the 1960s or 1930s and 40s that Americans by majority want a limit to what government. Should do for them and what they are willing to pay for it and that even though programs like Social Security and Medicare. Are very popular in America still, they are not looking for an increase role of the Federal Government in their lives. Which is what Progressive Democrats have been trying to accomplish since the end of the Great Society days. And looking to build off of those programs and build off of the New Deal and Great Society and truly transform. America into Europe with a European size welfare state in this country something that Americans by in large. Aren't willing to pay for which is why the tax and spend label on Progressives has been so effective.

As I've blogged before the Democratic Party is made up of two powerful factions, the Liberal faction that I'm part of. That tends to run the party and able to make appointments like this and Barack Obama comes from this faction as well. Even though he's too Moderate for me on some key social issues and things like civil liberties but his belief. In what the role of government should be in this country fits into this Liberal New-Democratic coalition that Bill Clinton. And others put together in the 1980s and 90s that Progressive Democrats like to call Moderate Republicans or center-right. But they are the real Liberal Democrats instead and Jack Lew comes from the New-Democratic wing as well. And his nomination as Secretary of Treasury also singles that deficit reduction will be a key goal and policy of. The second Obama Administration something else that scares the hell out of Progressive Democrats. Who would like to see the 21st Century of the New Deal out of President Obama.

Also as I've blogged before right wingers don't like Barack Obama because they think he's a Socialist and for other reasons. Mainly relating to culture and I'l leave it there for now and Progressives don't like Barack Obama because. He's not a Socialist and the Jack Lew nomination for Secretary of Treasury just confirms that President Obama is not a Socialist. That he's more of a New-Democrat or Moderate-Liberal at best who believes there's a limit of what government. Can do for people with the peoples money.

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