Monday, January 28, 2013

FNC: Video: America's Newsroom: Bipartisan Group of Senators Reach Deal on Sweeping Immigration Reform: The Only Way to Reform Immigration

There's always been a block of Republicans in Congress led by Senator John McCain and Lindsay Graham and perhaps a few House Republicans. That believe we need a comprehensive approach to immigration reform both politically as Republicans. But also because its the right thing to do on policy grounds, it was Senator McCain and Senator Graham. Who got together with Democrat Ted Kennedy in 2005-06 that came pretty close to passing comprehensive immigration reform. And then when Democrats took control of Congress in 2007, these same three Senators and others. Tried to pass the same thing but other Republicans Senators walked away from it in 2007 and Democrats. Couldn't overcome a Senate filibuster led by Republicans who walked away from the deal. The Senate was something like three votes shy of passing a CIR bill in the spring or early summer of 2007. But here we are six years later and the times have changed and Republicans after just getting hammered in the 2012 elections. Losing the Latino vote 71-28, losing 26-34 Senate elections and dropping two seats, losing the popular vote in the House as well as eight seats. There are Republicans now who know they can no longer ignore this issue in order to do well politically. In the future and that they are going to have to make progress with Latinos in the future.

So what does comprehensive immigration reform look like, something I've been in favor of at least officially as a blogger since 2010. And going back to 2006 overall, its a new immigration system thats based on reality and what's the best thing to do for immigration in this country. As well as our economy and rule of law that doesn't put illegal immigrants over legal immigrants. That acknowledges that we do have 10-15M illegal immigrants most if not all of these people who work. In America and produce in America but since they are in the country illegally, live in the shadows. And as a result get away with not paying the same taxes that legal immigrants pay because they don't. Want government knowing about their status which gives them an unfair advantage over legal immigrants. As well as American citizens which has to stop but it also acknowledges that we have 10-15M illegal immigrants in America. And that its simply not possible or practical to deport all of them and probably not a good thing to do for the. Country and it would effect our economy with the amount of workers that we would lose doing jobs that have to be done. That American citizens won't do themselves.

For criminals, felons primarily who are in this country illegally they simply need to be deported. But for the illegal immigrants in this country who are simply just here to work so they can support themselves and their families. They should be allowed to stay as long as they are working or have a legal sponsor that can and will support them in this country. But for that to happen they must register with the Federal Government and be given what I call. Probational residency which would allow them to work in this country legally as long as they meet certain conditions. They pay a fine based on how long they've lived in the United States illegally, they pay whatever back taxes plus interest. They may owe the Feds, state and local governments, they work or have a legal sponsor, they haven't committed any felonies. And don't commit any in the future and if they meet all of these requirements for ten years. They would be promoted from probational residents to legal residents and be able to work their way. Towards American citizenship but would go to the back of the line.

So what would I do to prevent people from entering the United States illegally in the future. Make our border security as tight as possible, that they have all of the resources and personal that they need. And if that means new revenue, I would give them that even if that means charging people for entering or leaving the United States. Crackdown on all employers that hire illegal immigrants, make it a felony that would not only come with jail or. Prison time but steep fines for hiring each illegal immigrant.

We can't reform our immigration system by trying to deport anyone whose ever entered the United States illegally or just the people who are in the country illegally today. And we can't just have an approach that simply grants American citizenship to all illegal immigrants. We do have rule of law in this country which is why we need a comprehensive approach thats realistic. And we also need to encourage people who are high skilled and educated from other countries. To live and work in the United States as well.

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