Sunday, March 3, 2013

92nd Street Y: Video: Former Vice President Al Gore: Six Drivers of Global Change

Vice President Gore is right about how the World is changing but the question is how should America adjust to it so we are as strong as we need to be. At least thats the debate going on in Washington between the two major political parties but also different factions in those. Political parties because are challenges are clear.

With a economy thats barely growing if at all, with high unemployment, debt and deficits, the sequester will not make these challenges any easier. Along with high poverty and not enough Americans able to adjust to not only the challenges that they. Face today but the challenges that they'll face tomorrow in an economy thats not only knowledge based. Where future success for people is not only tied to not only what you know but what you can do and how well you can. Do those things to make yourself as successful as possible and thats just not how the economy is based today, domestically but also globally. But that it anything will not only become even greater and we simply don't have a large enough workforce in America. That has the skills to be successful in life, which is why we have such large population of people who. Live in poverty but a lower middle class who aren't that far away from having to live in poverty themselves.

So the challenges for America now but as well in the next 5-10 years will be economically related and if we solve these issues correctly. It will enable us to be able to deal with the issues we face militarily, foreign policy challenges, debt and deficits as well. But we can't solve these issues without solid economic and job growth, with a larger well educated. Workforce that will be able to take advantage of the new economy.

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