Tuesday, March 5, 2013

CFR: Video: The Meaning of Power in the 21st Century

Power in the 21st Century will be based on economic power and human capital. The countries that will do very well in these areas, especially large countries with large economies or the. Potential to have large economies, will be the most powerful in this century. And at some point in this century we'll have more then just one superpower in the World and I expect America to. Be one of those superpowers but it has challenges of its own to not only be the number one power in the World. But to remain a superpower in the World and emerging superpowers in the World all understand. That power in the 21st Century will be based on a countries economy and the amount of power it can generate from that. China, Russia, Brazil and I would add Mexico to that list all understand this and I believe the European Union understands this as well. Even though they are further behind economically except for Germany with huge debt and deficit. Burdens with economies that are barley growing if at all and not creating jobs.

Power in the 21st Century will be economically based because without strong economies. Its hard to generate the resources to be a major player in the World when it comes to military and. Diplomatic power, the Communist Republic of Korea is a perfect example of that where really all they have as far as leverage. Is their weapons programs but its a country that can't feed itself and relies on others to do that for them. But the reason why China, Russia and Brazil are emerging as world powers is because their economies are generating the power and influence. For them to do other things as it relates to world affairs and America not only needs to understand this but also successfully adjust to it. And not have a national debt thats growing faster then its economy and finally start generating economic and job growth that brings down. Its high levels of unemployment and poverty.

So the successful powers in the 21st Century will be the economic powers and the economic powers. Will be the countries that are the main players in world affairs and will be looked to, to use their power and influence. To deal with issues and concerns around the world, like governments that murder their people for wanting freedom to use as an example. And for America to remain the number one power in the World, they are going to have to have a strong economy again.

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