Saturday, January 11, 2014

Associated Press: 'NY Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez Out For Entire 2014 Season'

Source:Associated Press- New York Yankees 3B Alex Rodriquez.

Source:The New Democrat 

"New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez will miss the entire 2014 season, after baseball's arbitrator reduced the 211 game suspension of Alex Rodriguez to 162, without pay. That amounts to about $25 million lost in earnings."  

From the Associated Press 

Is anyone surprised by this? We knew A-Rod was going to get hit big for use of drugs that are illegal in Major League Baseball. And what A-Rod has been doing what the last six months or so is trying to buy time in hope that he would be bailed out. And have some shot of playing in 2014. 

If you are dumb enough to us illegal drugs in MLB, then you’re dumb enough to get caught and more than deserve the time that you get for them. He knows about his physical health and the state of his playing career better than anyone. And what a one year suspension could do to him in his late thirties. Especially since his career has been in decline the last few years anyway. And yet he takes this big risk with the rest of his career and will now pay the price for getting caught.

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