Monday, May 6, 2013

CBS Sports: FBS 1977- Notre Dame Fighting Irish @ Clemson Tigers

Source:Sop Ibaga- with this 1977 Irish-Tigers game.

Source:The Daily Press

“Game played November 12, 1977. Notre Dame won the national championship that year. Thanks to MyBloodRunnethOrange for this video. The 1979 game: .

In a classic showdown in 1977 between two top 15 teams, Notre Dame’s Joe Montana leads the Fighting Irish back from a 10-point 4th quarter deficit against .

The Catch Game, played November 19, 1977. Thanks to MyBloodRunnethOrange for the video copy. The Catch at 2:14:56.” 

From Sop Ibaga

A classic matchup between two great football programs. The Fighting Irish have been one of the premier college football programs in the entire history of NCAA football. The Tigers were just starting emerge as a national, college football, power, in the late 1970s.

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