Monday, May 6, 2013

Miss Malevolent: Marilyn Monroe- Happy Birthday Mr. President (1962)

Source:Miss Malevolent- Hollywood Goddess and Babydoll Marilyn Monroe, singing Happy Birthday to President John F. Kennedy in 1962. 
Source:The Daily Press

"Marilyn Monroe sings Happy Birthday to the President."

From Miss Malevolent

President Kennedy had the line of the night, at least from what I heard saying that after hearing Marilyn Monroe sing Happy Birthday to him, he could now retire from politics. I mean after hearing a goddess like that with that voice sing Happy Birthday to you, what is the point of going on, what else could you even hope to accomplish at that point after hearing Marilyn sing Happy Birthday to you. It’s not just the President of the United States being the only politician that may be lucky enough to get Happy Birthday sung to you by Marilyn Monroe, but that Jack Kennedy might have been the only politician lucky enough to have Happy Birthday sung to them.
Source:National Post- Robert F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe & John F. Kennedy, at JFK's 1962 birthday party. 
Jack Kennedy was certainly ahead of his time as far as how he related to Americans. Because he wasn’t just judged by the job he did as President, which of course all President’s are and he wasn’t just judged by how he related to Americans personally, which of course all President’s are. But he was also judged by how he related to people in a social way, he was our first hip President, someone who related well the entertainment community, including Hollywood. Which is a big reason why he had so many friends out there. Like Peter Lawford, who also happened to be his brother-in-law, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and many others. That is how this event happened

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